Participating in Google Hangouts

For those earning CEU and/or grad credit, you will be required to participate in one Google Hangout each unit with your professional learning community (PLC). If you haven't used Google Hangouts before, we suggest the following tips:

  • Try to do your hangout in a quiet place, using a good microphone/headset.
  • Test a hangout with a friend or family member before doing one in your group.
  • Hangouts work best in the Chrome browser.
  • Assign one person to be the moderator. ┬áThe moderator will start the hangout and invite everyone to it. ┬áThe moderator will also take notes.
  • Use Google Docs to take notes in your hangout. (Click View More Apps on the left side list in Hangout, then click +Add Apps and look for Google Drive.)

Certificate of Completion participants should read the full Hangout protocol.

Learn more about hangouts:

Using Google Docs for notes: