Unit Objectives:

After you have completed this unit, you should be able to:

  • Define basic computer science terminology in the CS Unplugged activity
  • Describe the history of App Inventor and its appropriateness for introductory programming
  • Create a basic App Inventor project
  • Add and edit user interface components such as button and canvas in App Inventor
  • Select App Inventor code blocks to respond to events such as a button click
  • Define computational thinking and its relationship to the field of computer science
  • Reflect on what it’s like to be a learner during CS Unplugged and App Inventor activities

Unit Checklist:

In this unit, you are expected to:

  • Watch video on CS Unplugged #1
  • Watch the Hangout On Air introducing the App Inventor tutorials and teaching community
  • Create the Hello Purr app
  • Create the Paint Pot app 
  • Watch the video on Computational Thinking (CT)
  • Participate in a hangout on learning CS concepts and CT in your classroom
  • Discuss the state of computer science education in your area
  • Complete the Unit 2 Assessment (linked on the course home page, after Unit 2)
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