Unit Objectives:

After you have completed this unit, you should be able to:

  • Define terminology related to computer science using CS Unplugged (pixel, encoding, compression)
  • Relate the computer science employment information to your geographical area and your classroom.
  • Create basic games in App Inventor
  • Utilize App Inventor components such as ImageSprite, BallSprite, Clock
  • Create procedures in App Inventor to modularize code
  • Utilize various mathematical functionality such as random numbers, addition block and subtraction block
  • Generalize the CSTA K-12 computer science curriculum standards
  • Select potential computer science standards that might align with your content and grade level.

Unit Checklist:

In this unit, you are expected to:

  • Watch the video on CS Unplugged #2
  • Watch the Hangout On Air with Jeff Forbes
  • Create the Mole Mash appĀ 
  • Create the Shooter Game appĀ 
  • Watch the video on CSTA K-12 computer science standards
  • Participate in a hangout on standards for your classroom and on being a learner in the unit activities
  • Discuss the jobs outlook and how you talk about it with your students
  • Complete the Unit 3 Assessment (linked on the course home page, after Unit 3)

Unit 3 Overview: