Unit Objectives:

After you have completed this unit, you should be able to:

  • Define computer science terminology presented in CS Unplugged (sorting, divide and conquer, parallel computing)
  • Understand barriers for underrepresented populations in technology
  • Create apps that use phone features on a mobile device such as texting and location
  • Utilize a TinyDB component for storing persistent information in an app
  • Convert text to speech in an app
  • Explain why pair programming, words of encouragement and the physical environment can improve achievement for diverse students
  • Create an action plan for promising practices you can use in your classroom

Unit Checklist:

In this unit, you are expected to:

  • Watch the video on CS Unplugged #3
  • Watch the Hangout on Air #3 on gender and computing
  • Create the No Texting While Driving app
  • Watch the videos on 3 promising practices for diversity
  • Complete a PLC group hangout on stereotype threat and unconscious bias as well as curriculum unit possibilities
  • Complete Unit Discussion 4 on which promising practices you could implement in your classroom
  • Complete the Promising Practices Action Plan
  • Review two peer Promising Practice Action Plans  

Unit Overview:

(PowerPoint | Transcript)