Unit Objectives:

After you have completed this unit, you should be able to:

  • Define computer science terminology and concepts from CS Unplugged (Human-Computer Interaction, Stroop effect, affordances, icons)
  • Develop a curriculum project integrating App Inventor and your content area
  • Align the curriculum with both content standards and CSTA standards
  • Create apps that use list variables
  • Iterate through a list using an index variable
  • Using conditional (if) behaviors
  • Reflect on App Inventor curriculum ideas for your classes

Unit Checklist:

In this unit, you are expected to:

  • Watch the video on CS Unplugged #4
  • Watch the Hangout on Air on aligning App Inventor curriculum with standards
  • Create the U.S. Presidents Quiz app
  • Participate in a hangout to discuss ideas for your curriculum project
  • Discuss App Inventor curriculum ideas for your classes (OPTIONAL, not graded)
  • Create a curriculum unit for one of your classes
  • Review 2 peer curriculum units

Unit Overview:

(PowerPoint | Transcript)